Diving In Gozo and the Comino Islands

Gozo’s breath-taking natural scenery continues under water. Beautiful dive sites with caves, overhangs, breakthroughs and beautiful rock formations surrounded by crystal clear water (visibility average of 25-40 m!) enchant every diver’s heart.


There are almost 25 different dive sites to be approached by car – Gozo Individual Diving offers at least two dives per day and half and full day boat trips to Comino.


Accompanied dives are always conducted in small groups (max. 4 divers per car and instructor) and lead to the most spectacular places around the islands with wrecks, walls, caverns and caves. The groups are put together after level of training and diving experience. Non diving partners and snorkelers can join the groups for a 5 Euro fee (if space available).


Diving in Gozo is known for very good visibility and water temperatures up to 27 ° C in summer. Under water, there are big groupers, huge schools of bream, chasing mackerels, seahorses, barracudas and occasionally tuna fish and rays. Gozo is famous for its easy dive-able, fascinating caverns/caves and beautiful wrecks. (Attention, most wrecks are basically easy to dive, but will be below the beginners depths).

Gozo is equally suitable for experienced divers and beginners.


This makes the island a perfect destination, to learn to dive or to practice diving skills.

Xewjika Gozo and Inlandsea Gozo
Azure Window Gozo and Comino Caves