Xwejni Bay
With an easy entrance/exit and a maximum depth of 15m is it an ideal dive site for beginners. Small canyons hide octopus, Moray eels and plenty of scorpion fish.



Double Arch
A steep rocky drop off indicates the beginning of this fantastic dive located at the north coast of Gozo. As you descend to 34m, the two huge rock arches on top of each other appear in the distance. The insides of the arches are wonderfully grown with colourful sponges and corals. And the top at 16m is the best place to spot a school of barracuda and hunting Dentex.




Reqqa Point
This is a rocky promontory on the north coast of Gozo. The beautiful and unique coastline is continuous under water. This is an excellent refuge for groupers, Dentex, barracuda and amber jacks. Many, many thousands of Damsel fish and sardines may be seen throughout the entire dive.


Billinghurst Cave
This is found to the west of Reqqa Point. The top of the cave entrance is just above the surface and the bottom is at 27 meters. A long tunnel leads to a further cave deep inside the rock where the diver can surface. Immediately inside the entrance to the cave, there are plenty of red sponges, soft corals, cardinal fish and hidden in-between the rock boulders conger eel and crabs are to be found. On the way back through the tunnel, one can admire the deepest blue framed by the rocks of the cave entrance.



Cathedral Cave
The beginning of the dive on the north coast is through the beautiful Ghasri Valley- a spectacular narrow gorge, which widens as it reaches the sea. Around the corner, the divers approach the entrance to Gozo’s most spectacular cave. As you dive in, you slowly ascent between the large rock boulders and finally surface in the cave. There is a crack in the cliff that allows air and light to come in and give the surface of the water this magical blue colour. The ceiling goes up to about 10 meters and forms a huge dome.