Open Water Diver

Learn how to dive! The SSI Open Water Diver course combines fun, excitement and serious training to teach you to be a competent, safe diver. Your Open Water Diver Scuba certification is accepted worldwide, and can be the start of a lifetime of adventure - SSI dive certification is also available.

No commitment!
Content: 6 theory subjects, pool exercises, 4 open water dives
Duration: 3 - 4 Days (depending on preparation)
Preparation: e-learning online, or with home-study book, before starting the course. Completion in 3 days. Theory sessions: 6 subjects, either complete lectures (for the 4-day course) or short course sessions (combination with e-learning or home-study).
Pool sessions: Equipment setup, gentle intro to breathing underwater, safe diving techniques. Basic and advanced emergency skills, buddy help, diving practice – repetition until comfortable and competent to go to Open Water.
Open Water Dives: 4 open water dives to make transition to diving in a real outside environment. Repetition of all diving and emergency skills.
Evaluation: Theory evaluation as Study Questions, and Final Exam. Practical evaluation through successful completion of in-water skills at open water, showing sufficient competence to be an autonomous diver.