Inland Sea
This unique dive with its 80 meter tunnel with depth from 3m to 25m and large enough to reveal a huge blue canyon to dive through makes a fantastic dive with a very easy entrance/exit from a slip-way. Once outside the tunnel you can decide whether you want to dive along the left or right sides of the drop off which goes down to 50 meter plus. There the divers can spot big and small groupers, hunting Dentex and Amberjacks in the shallower area of the reef.

Blue Hole/ Azure Window
The Blue Hole is a beautiful rock formation carved by nature and is probably the most popular dive site of Gozo. A spectacular and memorable beginning to any one of a different number of dive routes starts here. On entering this ‘hole’ the diver has access to the sea in the form of a great archway. Turning to the right you soon dive through Gozo’s biggest tourist attraction, the Azure Window which is the best place to see Gozo’s biggest groupers and also Dentex or Amberjacks hunting for sardines. As you come back into the Blue Hole have a look at the cave where you’ll find lots of shrimp and the odd conger eel.



Blue Hole/ the Chimney
Coming out through the Blue Hole arch you turn to the left. In about 18 meters the divers will find the entrance to a crack in the reef called the Chimney, which is about 15 meters long. Diving through this crack you come out in the Coral Garden at 6 meter. The Coral Garden is the shallow sun lit part of this wonderful reef and you’ll see octopus, shoals of Salima, scorpion fish and Parrot Fish diving side along with you.



Coral Cave
This truly splendid Coral Cave has a very large arch entrance, which is a full 20 meters across at the bottom at a depth of 28 meters. Within the cave the diver’s torch brings to life the many different types of encrusting coral sponges in fantastic colours, virgin lace and other corals. On leaving the cave, the divers heads back towards the Coral Garden up to the top of the cliff face and finishes the dive in the Blue Hole.

Crocodile Rock

This is wonderful site with a reef that drops down to about 30 meters and quickly increases to 50m plus. There is a small cave worth having a look inside and as you dive along the reef cliffs you’ll see shoals of barracuda, Amberjacks or Dentex. You also have the chance to see Gozo’s biggest grouper. Going up onto the reef the diver will find many small cracks and canyons to dive through where you may find octopus, moray eels and scorpion fish looking for shelter.